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Why Choose Us?

There’s a confusing array of dog walkers and pet service companies to choose from. We think you deserve to know why Green Paws Chicago is the best choice for you.

Anyone can walk dogs. And every dog walker in Chicago claims to love animals. But we think a real passion for pets should translate into better care. Why pay someone to do something they love to do—like hang out with your dog—unless your pet gets real value and care that prolongs their lives? Green Paws Chicago has two simple missions:
  1. To provide every pet the love and care they deserve.
  2. To be socially responsible in ways that improve both the pet community and the world at large.
  We bring these missions to life through:
  • The industry’s only real standard of care. Veterinarians know that good exercise and hygiene helps pets live longer, healthier, happier lives. For example, brisk walks, regular teeth and ear cleaning, monthly flea/tick prevention and weekly de-shedding reduce the risk of life-threatening disease. Green Paws Chicago is the only pet service company offering all these services and personalized care. We want to give every pet the care and attention every owner wants, but cannot always provide. Why? If you really love pets, you want them to live as long as possible.
  • Employees, not contractors. Some firms use cheaper contract workers, often young people who work occasional hours while they look for “real” jobs. Our whole team is company employees who are rigorously trained to provide the best, most consistent care. They don’t yak on cellphones on the job; they focus on your pet. Why? Because it’s only fair that we give your dog our full attention.
  • Being licensed, bonded and insured. We wouldn’t let just anybody into our homes and don’t expect you to, either. We screen our people to make sure they share our love of animals and then check their backgrounds to ensure they are honest. Why? Because you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that only trustworthy professionals are caring for your pet.
  • Making socially conscious commitments.This is part of our company DNA. We believe big changes come from individual efforts. That’s why we:
    • Support pet rescue and shelter organizations. We contribute to organizations committed to helping the pets who would otherwise go unloved.
    • Support the environment. We look for ways to reduce our impact on the planet. So far, we’ve eliminated paper waste by digitizing billing and records. Our walkers ride bicycles to their assigned visits. We use compostable bags to collect and dispose of dog waste.
    • Support the larger community. We’ve donated biodegradable dog waste bags and dispensers to Chicago’s dog parks. We have commissioned artists to design unique dispensers for individual parks and then arranged their installation.
We believe these things are a good start, but realize there’s more to do. That’s why we continually look for new ways to make a difference. But for us, the bottom line is simple: Pets have always been a source of peace for us. Of course we promise to love your pets like they’re our own. But we offer the care and attention you want for them—the care that will keep them healthy and happy for many years to come.
We care about your pets and the Earth!
Licensed. Bonded. Insured.
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