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Cat Care and Other Pets

We’re not just dog walkers – Cats and other pets need special care and attention, too! Whether it’s a visit during the workday or an out-of-town trip, our Pet Care Specialists give cats and other pets the time and attention they need.

Cat and other pet care visits start at 25 minutes. That social time entertains your pet and helps with pet behavior. No one likes to come home to furniture being used as a cat scratching post or messes that didn’t make it into the cat litterbox. Speaking of the litterbox... your Pet Care Specialist will clean your cat’s litterbox every time we visit and safely dispose of the old litter. We also freshen their food and water dishes. Your other pets – furry pets like rabbits and hamsters; reptiles like snakes and lizards, birds of all types and plumage and fresh and saltwater fish – don’t need to be walked or entertained, but we can give the care, feeding, or bedding changes they need. Cat Care and Other Pet Care Prices
  • 25 Minute Visit – $18
  • 45 Minute Visit – $33.00
  • 60 Minute Visit – $44.00
  • FURMinator® De-Shedding – $15
  • Ear Cleaning – $4.00
  • Frontline® or Bio Spot™ Flea/Tick Prevention – $29.00
  • Additional Pets During a Visit – $3 each
  • Evening/Weekend Service – $4 additional
  • Holidays/Late Night/Early Morning – $10 additional
  • Last Minute Booking – $10 additional
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