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We think a real passion for pets should translate into better care.

To us at Green Paws Chicago, taking care of your pets means more than simply walking your dog or feeding your cat while you’re away. It means actually helping you keep the furry members of your family happier and healthier by enriching their lives through a number of different health and hygiene services.

We have several ways to help enrich your pet’s life and help keep them happy and healthy, including:

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Teeth Brushing

Did you know that regular teeth brushing and up-keeping your dog’s oral hygiene not only helps to prevent periodontal disease such as gingivitis, but heart and kidney disease, as well?

That is why your vet recommends after every check up that you brush your dog’s teeth at least once every day. Healthy teeth mean a healthy mouth, which not only makes for happier pups but ensures any puppy kisses will be much more pleasant thanks to their fresh breath!

Of course, we understand that brushing your pup’s teeth takes time and pups don’t always like to cooperate or have their mouths touched. Which is why Green Paws Chicago and our team of Pet Care Specialists are here to help! Our Pet Care Specialists are trained to properly brush your dog’s teeth and we supply the special toothbrushes and toothpaste designed and manufactured with your pup’s optimal oral hygiene in mind. (No matter how fun or tasty they might be, chew toys and crunchy treats aren’t a substitute for the real thing!)

To help keep your pup’s teeth healthy, have us brush your pup’s teeth after their walk for only $8.00 per brushing!

Ear Cleaning

Want to avoid an unnecessary trip to the vet? Ear cleaning is one of the most essential parts of any pet’s grooming, as wax buildup and foreign material trapped deep within the ear canal can lead to excessive itchiness or an infection, both of which can be a major source of discomfort or pain for our pets.

To avoid this headache for both you and your pets, it is recommended to make cleaning out your pet’s ears part of a regular routine as most ear infections can be prevented with weekly or bi-weekly cleanings.

Our Pet Care Specialists are trained to gently hand-clean your pet’s ears using sterile gauze (never cotton swabs!) and an ear cleaner that’s specifically formulated with your pets in mind. We typically schedule this cleaning after a routine walk or visit, extending our Pet Care Specialist’s time with your pet to provide the additional service.

To help keep your pet’s ears healthy, have us clean your dog or cat’s ears after their walk or visit for only $10.00 per ear cleaning!

De-Shedding Services

Do you want to achieve levels of professional grooming for your kitty or pup from the comfort of your own home? Then take some time to consider having your Green Paws Pet Care Specialist take some time once a week or more to groom your pet according to your needs.

Here at Green Paws Chicago, our team uses trusted brand grooming tools specifically designed for maximum effectiveness and comfort for your pet. And in a household full of long-haired pets and long-haired humans, taking time to vacuum and clean up all of that hair we shed can be so time consuming! But by taking just fifteen minutes per week for our Pet Care Specialists to groom your pup or kitty, we can help to reduce their shedding by ninety percent.

Not only will that give your lint roller a break and save you some laundry, but your pet will be thanking you, too! De-shedding helps to keep coats healthier and pets feeling cooler, especially in the warmer months. It can also help to reduce dander and give less fuel for your summertime allergies, as well.

By allowing our team to help care for your pet in this way, it will save you both time and money that you can spend playing and socializing with your furry little family member instead. Have your Pet Care Specialist spend fifteen minutes of de-shedding your pup or kitty per week after your next walk or visit for only $20.00!

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