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Green Paws Chicago is more than a job. It’s a calling. We are passionate about the pets we care for, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

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Ron grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and has had dogs and cats all his life. Ron brings his love of pets and technology to the Green Paws team.  


Customer Service Representative

Cristal grew up in Little Village with a succession of tiny chihuahuas and one giant doberman, as well as the neighborhood's eclectic variety of pets: chickens, ducks, goats, and on one memorable occasion, a pony. Her passion for pets has taken her to shift her career path from the medical field, to the veterinary, and finally here with us. She currently resides in Rogers Park, atop a large pile of comic books with her two kitties Luna and Roger Sterling.


Customer Service Representative

Hailing originally from New York and then the suburbs of Chicago, Kim has called Chicago home since 2009. She grew up with a variety of animals including dogs, rabbits, fish, and turtles. She lives in East Albany Park with her rescue corgi, Sterling Mallory Archer. When not in the Green Paws office, Kim enjoys camping, photography, collecting vintage clothing and oddities, and binge-watching Netflix.


Customer Service Representative

Marissa's love for all animals started at a very young age as she admired her dad's colorful salt water aquarium and sang the ABCs to her grandmother's parrot. She always knew that it was in her best interest to surround herself with both animals and animal people, simply because they are the best. If she is not working with the Green Paws team, she is at home either reading Harry Potter or playing her instruments with her two gentle giants and kitten.


Pet Care Trainer

“My favorite part of the walks is having the opportunity to interact with the kids and share in their contagious enthusiasm for life. It brightens my day as much as it enriches theirs.” says Brian, a lifetime animal lover. He tries to keep each visit fresh and engaging by being attentive to the dog’s behavior and keeping the routes from becoming too familiar. About Green Paws he says, “I can’t believe I get to do this everyday. It’s not a job; it’s an absolute joy!”


Pet Care Trainer

Caitlin’s always loved spending time around animals. She grew up having pets, and since she doesn’t currently have one of her own she’s thrilled she gets to hang out with some fantastic critters every day. Caitlin really enjoys getting to know each pet she meets, and can’t believe she actually gets paid to do that!


Pet Care Trainer

Chris' relationship with dogs began at four days old, when his family's bassett hounds developed such an attachment to him that they guarded his crib. While he is a lover of all dogs, rescued mutts are especially dear to his heart.While the circumstances that require these animals to be rescued can often be tragic, there is nothing more heartwarming than seeing them given a second chance at living happy lives. He is allergic to both cats and dogs, yet still absolutely loves his job.


Pet Care Trainer

Kohl grew up in Dallas, TX taking care of and loving his three dogs as members of his family. It was heartbreaking when he had to leave them to move to Chicago. He still misses them and visit them as much as possible, but now he also have two adorable cats to keep him company here. In addition to spending as much time with animals as possible, Kohl enjoys volunteering with CPS students, and has recently graduated from DePaul University. Kohl has also become an avid biker, writer and coffee drinker. "I really enjoy exploring the streets of Chicago, especially when accompanied by happy animal."


Pet Care Trainer

Mike's passion for pups started at a young age, and has only grown since. He grew up with dogs; one big, one small. Mike starts everyday excited to see his canine friends. After graduating college with a degree in Film, Mike wanted to spend time with the dogs. He treats every pup with the same care he would treat his own.


Pet Care Trainer

Natasha is originally from Massachusetts, and moved to Chicago recently by way of South Florida. She left a career in restaurant management for a much more fulfilling position working with animals, and still can't believe she gets paid to do this! She has owned a variety of animals, from cats and dogs, to sugar gliders and snakes. She looks forward to getting to know your amazing furry friends!


Pet Care Trainer

Whitney's childhood home in Alabama doubled as a refuge for stray cats, injured birds, orphaned squirrels, and the occasional rogue rabbit. Early exposure to Rex Harrison's Doctor Dolittle assured her that every animal enjoys good conversation, and she can't wait to spend time getting to know your pets. She's a dog's best friend and a committed cat foster mom, and loves exploring Chicago on foot with a canine companion.


Petcare Specialist

Ariel grew up on a farm in Texas where she raised goats, cats, dogs, chickens, cows, horses, pigs, etc. Her love for animals and caring for them is pretty much second nature at this point. Since moving to Chicago she has raised cats, dogs and rats! She now has a cat named Mercedes and a Chihuahua named Shoby! Taking care of animals and getting to spend time with them is something that she genuinely enjoys! She can't wait to get to know your pets and be able to call that her job!


Petcare Specialist

I have been born and raised in Chicago. I managed in retail, and managed in restaurants, only to figure out that I much rather be graced by the presence of animals. I enjoyed frequently assisting my partner at the exotic pet store where she worked, fine-tuning my handling skills and learning how to bottle feed baby animals, including foster kittens. Currently, we have two rescue cats, a snowy corn snake, and a 55 gallon fish tank that is home to a plethora of freshwater fish.


Petcare Specialist

John grew up in rural Ohio prior to relocating to Chicago. He has been spending time with animals since the early years of his life hanging out with barn cats. During high school his dad surprised the family with a puppy and ever since then he has been hooked on spoiling his four legged friends.


Petcare Specialist

Josh recently moved to Chicago from New England after finishing college, and couldn't think of a better way to get to know the city than through working with Green Paws. He loves and has been an owner of both dogs and cats, and is very happy to now be able to spend time with them every day as part of his job. He can't wait to give your pets the care and attention they deserve.


Petcare Specialist

Kevin grew up on the South Side of Chicago with his Cocker Spaniel, Chloe. He's had a strong appreciation for animals his entire life and loves that he gets to travel around the city, taking care of pets. When he isn't running, cooking, or jamming out to Taylor Swift, you can most definitely find him hanging out with his roommate's cat/best friend, Lenny.


Petcare Specialist

Logan grew up in Antioch Illinois, and lived there and Chicago back and forth for the last 6 years until he officially moved to Chicago in the summer of 2015. He has lived with dogs for about 90% of his life and loved every single one. He currently lives with two really weird/goofy dogs, Ginger and Betsy. In his free time he writes and plays music in two bands and tries to be as active as possible in the local music scene, whether he's playing a show or just attending one. He also loves solving puzzles and cooking breakfast food.
Nellie and Peper-Jack-web


Petcare Specialist

Natalie has been enamored with animals for as long as she can remember. She grew up among great danes and labradors believing for a while that she was strictly a dog person. Then one fateful day she was introduced to a fluffy, gray kitten named Sushi, with whom she fell utterly in love, realizing that she was indeed a cat person, too. Natalie is new to the Chicago area and is keen on getting to know the city a little bit better while spending time with some new fur-friends.


Petcare Specialist

Whether you have a dog, cat, or alligator, chances are Tiffany is probably already obsessed with your pet. She grew up in New York and has had a range of pets including goats, pigs, and rats. She will definitely stop a conversation to point out a dog and is hurt if you don't respond as excitedly. Tiffany's love for animals and her job could best be described by googling the phrase: “Tom Haverford face.”


Petcare Specialist

Stephen grew up in a house with both dogs and cats so he's always had pets in his life. "99% of the time, if I'm at someone's house and they have a pet around, I'll spend much more time talking with the animal than with the people there." Currently he has an old lady cat named Sasha, who always brightens his day even when she's waking him up to beg for food. "I love working for Green Paws and getting to meet/know all these different dogs and cats. I feel like I'm always just as excited as the dogs that I walk when they greet me at the door."
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