A little about Green Paws Chicago!

Since 2007, Green Paws Chicago has been providing top-notch, eco-friendly, quality care to pups and pets of all shapes and sizes across the greater Chicago area. We aim to provide every animal the love and care they deserve while being socially responsible – by supporting pet rescue and shelter organizations, the neighborhoods and families we serve, the larger community and, ultimately, the planet!

We understand the amount of trust it takes to place your pet and your home in someone else’s hands! Because we value that trust above all, we assure the Green Paws standard of care through our team of rigorously vetted Pet Care Specialists pictured below. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that only trustworthy professionals are looking after your pet. Green Paws Chicago is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and our team is comprised of 100% W2 employees, not 1099 contractors, who have passed a multi-stage hiring process, office and field evaluations, and hands-on skill training.


General Manager

Jen (she/her) grew up in the Chicago area and has lived in a variety of places including Madison WI, Boulder CO, Portland OR, and relocated back to Chicago in 2003. After 20+ years in the coffee industry, she is excited to combine her passion for dogs, being outdoors, business, and adding value to the community. Jen lives in Albany Park with her rescue pup named Pablo, a Shar Pei/Great Pyrenees mix.

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Growth Officer

Riti (she/her) grew up moving internationally with her family, exploring places like India, London, and Singapore before arriving in Chicago. After spending the majority of her career in corporate America, she is thrilled to be joining a local business like Green Paws. She is a passionate animal lover and environmentalist who is now settled in the West Loop with her husband and a growing pack of pets. Her two spunky pups, Archie and Panda, are beagle mixes that have been loved on by the Green Paws family their entire lives!


Office Team Member

Hailing from a small town in Iowa, Rhiannon (she/her) has had a passion for all things furry since the day her father brought home their family’s first (of what would be four) collies. Growing up with a home full of lovable, fluffy giants and a love for riding at her aunt’s stables, she is no stranger to taking care of and hanging around four-legged creatures. Nowadays Rhiannon resides in Albany Park with her feisty kit, Suzuki, where she spends her time penning what she hopes one day to be best-selling novels.


Office Team Member

Growing up in Florida, Jena’s (she/her) home was a haven for injured and unwanted pets. From tortoises to sugar gliders, she has extensive experience handling animals of all shapes and sizes. Upon moving to Chicago in 2008, she became active in the city’s rescue community and volunteers with Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control. She has a degree in Fine Art from SAIC and specializes in abstract painting and European art between the two World Wars. She currently lives in Avondale with her two cats.

The Furkids

Moral Support Specialist Team

Where would Green Paws Chicago’s leading ladies be without their very own furry Moral Support Specialists? Brightening every dark day and spreading a little bit of good-natured mayhem is a lot of hard work, but from the moment they joined their forever homes, these pups and kits have been irreplaceable to their moms and to the Green Paws family. It’s not hard to see where their moms get their passion for pet care! (From left to right: Pablo, Panda, Archie, Greggy, Lando, & Suzuki.)


Pet Care Trainer

“My favorite part of the walks is having the opportunity to interact with the fur babies and share in their contagious enthusiasm for life. It brightens my day as much as it enriches theirs.” says Brian (he/him), a lifetime animal lover. He tries to keep each visit fresh and engaging by being attentive to the dog’s behavior and keeping the routes from becoming too familiar. About Green Paws he says, “I can’t believe I get to do this everyday. It’s not a job; it’s an absolute joy!”


Pet Care Trainer

John (he/him) grew up in rural Ohio prior to relocating to Chicago. He has been spending time with animals since the early years of his life hanging out with barn cats. During high school his dad surprised the family with a puppy and ever since then he has been hooked on spoiling his four-legged friends.


Pet Care Trainer

Whitney’s (she/her) childhood home in Alabama doubled as a refuge for stray cats, injured birds, orphaned squirrels, and the occasional rogue rabbit. Early exposure to Rex Harrison’s Doctor Dolittle assured her that every animal enjoys good conversation, and she can’t wait to spend time getting to know your pets. She’s a dog’s best friend and a committed cat foster mom, and loves exploring Chicago on foot with a canine companion.


Pet Care Trainer

Stephen (he/him) grew up in a house with both dogs and cats so he’s always had pets in his life. “99% of the time, if I’m at someone’s house and they have a pet around, I’ll spend much more time talking with the animal than with the people there.” Currently he has an old lady cat named Sasha, who always brightens his day even when she’s waking him up to beg for food. “I love working for Green Paws and getting to meet all these different dogs and cats. I feel like I’m always just as excited as the dogs that I walk when they greet me at the door.”


Pet Care Trainer

David (he/him) was born and bred in the Detroit area but has called Chicago home for over 10 years. He grew up with a dog named Max and a cat named Odysseus. Over the years, at various times, David has also lived with various dogs, cats, fancy rats, snakes, fish, and hamsters. David currently resides in Avondale, where, in addition to his pet-loving activities, he occasionally finds work as a freelance writer/editor.


Pet Care Specialist

Max  (he/they) has been walking dogs since the 5th grade. From a young age, they have always been driven in life by being a caretaker. They recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign’s School of Art + Design. When not running around and playing with animals, Max is carving wood blocks for their various printmaking projects.



Pet Care Specialist

Matt (he/him) has been living in the Logan Square area for nearly twenty years. In his previous lives, he was a graduate from the SAIC painting and drawing program and is an experienced brewer.  His passions outside of his furry friends include disc golf, music, and making “bad art”.  Matt likes to describe him as your pup’s “in-flight entertainment counselor” and tries to ensure they see what they want to see and go where they want to go.  “If the wags, kisses, and hugs I receive from the pets when they greet me were a form of convertible currency, I’d be rich.”



Pet Care Specialist

Cristal (she/her) grew up in Little Village with a succession of tiny chihuahuas and one giant doberman, as well as the neighborhood’s eclectic variety of pets: chickens, ducks, goats, and on one memorable occasion, a pony. She currently has two kitties, Luna and Roger Sterling, but her passion for pets has taken her to shift her career path from the medical field, to the veterinary, and finally here with us.



Pet Care Specialist

Animal care has always been a passion of Marijo’s (she/her) and she aims to treat her furry friends with the same love their parents do as she studies for a career in animal science! She is currently a co-parent to a Huskimo puppy and has lived with dogs and feathered friends most of her life. Having worked at animal shelters, vet clinics, and pet stores, she has come in contact with creatures of all shapes and sizes! In her free time, Marijo can be found in the park reading a good murder mystery, out on the field disc golfing, or meditating at a local Buddhist temple.



Pet Care Specialist

John (he/him) grew up as a military kid living in places like Seattle, Italy, and Bahrain. He had a family Beagle named Jazzy growing up who is the sweetest! He graduated from the University of Iowa and has happily settled in northern Chicago. You can catch john at second city, on the lake, or in his second favorite city, Milwaukee!


Lili Mac

Pet Care Specialist

Lili Mac (they/them) is a proud New Orleans native who’s called Chicago home since 2016. They have been a devout animal lover since childhood, growing up with dogs, cats, rodents, fish, and riding horses. They are a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where they studied musical theatre and writing for performance. They treasure Chicago for its artistic vibrancy, amazing food, queer community, and absolute abundance of pets!



Pet Care Specialist

A Detroit native, Kat (she/her) has been a devout animal lover since day one. Growing up, her family was a home to dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and many other animals. Kat spent her summers riding horses and her weekends volunteering for local shelters. She is the mom to a spunky tabby cat named Finn, and plans to give him a canine friend one day! When not working, you can find her deep in her latest crafting craze, hanging out by the lake, or hunting down the best fish tacos!



Pet Care Specialist

Ally has lived in the Chicago area all her life where she grew up with lots of animals, including the family dog Max and several cats throughout the years. She currently resides with her fur babies, Plato and Nyx! She has also had rats, tree frogs, koi fish, and a bird named Pickles. In her down time, you can find her with a sketchbook at local coffee shops or parks just relaxing and drawing passersby with a nice cup of coffee.



Pet Care Specialist

Conner (he/they) developed their love of animals growing up in southern Illinois, surrounded by a plethora of dogs, cats, and other furry friends. They now live in Chicago with their husky mix, Thelonious (Theo for short!), their cat, Nala, and their two ferrets, Jinx and Kuma. There’s nothing they enjoy more than working with and spending time with animals. They love seeing the personality come out of each pet in their care, treating the animals as they would their own furbabies!



Pet Care Specialist

Tristan (she/her) grew up in Cincinnati, OH and graduated from the University of Westminster in London with a degree in Journalism. She started dog walking in England during her time in school and found it so rewarding that she’s been working in the pet care industry ever since! In her spare time, you can catch Tristan playing games with friends (she’s a D&D enthusiast), shopping for antiques, or by the lake with her pup, an Australian shepherd/great pyrenees mix named Sunday!



Pet Care Specialist

Born and raised in Chicago most of her life, Brie (she/her) has never not had a four-legged friend by her side! Growing up, her parents bred and fostered for some time and that’s when she fell in love with every pup she encountered. She currently has a silly pitty named Harley, who has a huge loving and goofy personality which made her adopt him the moment they met!



Pet Care Specialist

Page (she/they) grew up with and always finds herself around lots of animals. She is currently a dog mom to her pup, Grayson, and also lives with a cat named Chicken Little. When not working, she enjoys being outside, painting, or taking a long nap. She loves taking her pup on adventures and hopes there are many backpacking trips in their future.