Green Paws Chicago is more than a job. It’s a calling.

We are passionate about the pets we care for, and we take this responsibility very seriously.


Moral Support Specialist

Hailing from Memphis TN, Pablo made his way to the Windy City by way of PAWS Chicago. Pablo is a Shar Pei/Great Pyrenees mix who enjoys long walks on the dog beach and begging for ear scratches at the Green Paws office. He has two great loves in his life — his human, Jen, and his stuffed fish, Fishy — though treats may be a close runner-up. When asked what he loves most about Green Paws, Pablo replied, “Woof!”.


General Manager

Jen grew up in the Chicago area and has lived in a variety of places including Madison WI, Boulder CO, Portland OR, and relocated back to Chicago in 2003. After 20+ years in the coffee industry, she is excited to combine her passion for dogs, being outdoors, business, and adding value to the community. Jen lives in Albany Park with her rescue pup named Pablo, a Shar Pei/Great Pyrenees mix.


Office Team Member

Cristal grew up in Little Village with a succession of tiny chihuahuas and one giant doberman, as well as the neighborhood’s eclectic variety of pets: chickens, ducks, goats, and on one memorable occasion, a pony. Her passion for pets has taken her to shift her career path from the medical field, to the veterinary, and finally here with us. She currently resides in Rogers Park, atop a large pile of comic books with her two kitties Luna and Roger Sterling.


Office Team Member

Hailing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Rhiannon has had a passion for all things furry since the day her father brought home their family’s first of what would eventually be four collies. Growing up with a home full of lovable, fluffy giants and a love for riding at her aunt’s stables, she is no stranger to taking care of and hanging around four-legged creatures. Nowadays Rhiannon resides in Roscoe Village with her feisty little kit, Suzuki, where she spends her time binge-watching television and penning what she hopes one day to be best-selling novels.


Office Team Member

Growing up in Florida, Jena’s family home was the known sanctuary for the neighborhood’s injured and unwanted pets. Over the years they housed everything from lizards to sugar gliders, while of course keeping a few more conventional felines and canines of their own. Upon moving to Chicago in 2008, Jena naturally became active in the rescue community here as well and volunteers with Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control (FCACC) every week. She has a degree in Fine Art from SAIC, and currently lives in Avondale with her two cats, four mice and a dozen tropical fish.


Pet Care Trainer

“My favorite part of the walks is having the opportunity to interact with the fur babies and share in their contagious enthusiasm for life. It brightens my day as much as it enriches theirs.” says Brian, a lifetime animal lover. He tries to keep each visit fresh and engaging by being attentive to the dog’s behavior and keeping the routes from becoming too familiar. About Green Paws he says, “I can’t believe I get to do this everyday. It’s not a job; it’s an absolute joy!”


Pet Care Trainer

John grew up in rural Ohio prior to relocating to Chicago. He has been spending time with animals since the early years of his life hanging out with barn cats. During high school his dad surprised the family with a puppy and ever since then he has been hooked on spoiling his four-legged friends.


Pet Care Trainer

Whitney’s childhood home in Alabama doubled as a refuge for stray cats, injured birds, orphaned squirrels, and the occasional rogue rabbit. Early exposure to Rex Harrison’s Doctor Dolittle assured her that every animal enjoys good conversation, and she can’t wait to spend time getting to know your pets. She’s a dog’s best friend and a committed cat foster mom, and loves exploring Chicago on foot with a canine companion.


Pet Care Trainer

Natalie has been enamored with animals for as long as she can remember. She grew up among Great Danes and Labradors believing she was strictly a dog person. Then one fateful day she was introduced to a fluffy, gray kitten named Sushi. Natalie fell utterly in love with Sushi, realizing that she was indeed a cat person, too. Natalie is new to the Chicago area and is keen on getting to know the city a little bit better while spending time with some new fur-friends.


Pet Care Trainer

Logan grew up in Antioch Illinois and officially moved to Chicago in the summer of 2015. He has lived with dogs for about 90% of his life and has loved every single one. He currently lives with two really weird/goofy dogs, Ginger and Betsy. In his free time, he writes and plays music in two bands and tries to be as active as possible in the local music scene, whether he’s playing a show or just attending one. He also loves solving puzzles and cooking breakfast food.


Pet Care Specialist

Stephen grew up in a house with both dogs and cats so he’s always had pets in his life. “99% of the time, if I’m at someone’s house and they have a pet around, I’ll spend much more time talking with the animal than with the people there.” Currently he has an old lady cat named Sasha, who always brightens his day even when she’s waking him up to beg for food. “I love working for Green Paws and getting to meet/know all these different dogs and cats. I feel like I’m always just as excited as the dogs that I walk when they greet me at the door.”


Pet Care Specialist

Mike’s passion for pups started at a young age and has only grown since. He grew up with dogs; one big, one small. Mike starts everyday excited to see his canine friends. After graduating college with a degree in Film, Mike wanted to spend time with dogs. He treats every pup with the same care he would treat his own.


Pet Care Specialist

Utsab has always loved spending time and observing different kinds of animals but he never thought spending time with animals could end up as a profession. So, he went to school and got a degree in management. After years of spending time in various fields ranging from insurance, marketing, catering/restaurant, he decided to quit everything. Utsab adopted his dog, Boomer, and realized how much he loved spending time being with dogs and that he wanted to make it his career. Now he gets to enjoy being out-and-about with all of the pups that he cares for!


Pet Care Specialist

David was born and bred in the Detroit area but has called Chicago home for over 10 years. He grew up with a dog named Max and a cat named Odysseus. Over the years, at various times, David has also lived with various dogs, cats, fancy rats, snakes, fish, and hamsters. David currently resides in Avondale, where, in addition to his pet-loving activities, he occasionally finds work as a freelance writer/editor.

Max R.

Pet Care Specialist

Max has been walking dogs since the 5th grade. From a young age they have always been driven in life through being a caretaker. They recently graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign’s School of Art + Design. When not running around and playing with animals, Max is carving wood blocks for his various printmaking projects.


Pet Care Specialist

Born and raised in Chicago, Drew has worked with Green Paws since 2014. As an animal lover he has had many pets over the years, including the pup in his photograph, Belle! Outside of pet care work, Drew is a bicycle mechanic by trade, actively involved in Chicago’s music scene, and the founder of the internet based music label Celldeath.


Pet Care Specialist

Will was born and raised in Harlem, NY before deciding to try his luck in the Windy City. While dogs are his favorite, Will has always felt a connection to all animals, big and small. His patience with animals comes from over a decade of working with children of various ages. When he’s not working with the cutest animals in Chicago, Will is an aspiring Actor, Comedian and Professional Wrestler.


Pet Care Specialist

Alex is the guy we call when your usual Pet Care Specialist is out sick or on a well-deserved vacation. For the entirety of his life thus far, Alex has loved and cared for dogs. When asked to explain his approach to pet care services, Alex says “Every dog is different, but I treat them all with the same kindness and respect that I myself would want to be treated.” If he were a dog, Alex suspects that he would be a Greyhound.


Pet Care Specialist

From Southeast Michigan, Colin grew up with animals all his life; the most recent animals in his life being two big Newfoundland pups that he loves to death. Colin spent most of his adult life in Detroit with an educational background in Criminal Justice before moving to Chicago. He enjoys hobbies such as football, working out, and planting.


Pet Care Specialist

Christine moved to Chicago in 2013 but she’s originally from a small town in western Michigan, and she’s lived all over thanks to her time in the Army. She’s the kind of person who will stop what she’s doing to point out a cute dog on the street. She has had a lot of dogs and cats in her life but hasn’t been able to own one yet — she hopes to soon. When not taking care of pups and kitties, Christine is usually at home playing video games, reading, or writing.


Pet Care Specialist

Maximiliana grew up in Wisconsin before deciding to try her luck by moving to Chicago in 2016. She grew up with two dogs in the family and she spends as much time with her sister’s dog as she can. She loves all animals but dogs have always had a special place in her heart. When she’s not hanging out with dogs she enjoys playing guitar, drawing, and spending time with friends.


Pet Care Specialist

Fredo is a Chicago native, temporarily stationed in the west side of the city. He is currently sans pet, and working with Green Paws enables getting wagging tails.


Pet Care Specialist

Joan is a native Northern Californian, and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Art History. Thus, the names of her cats are Cy Twombly and Jasper Johns – ginger brothers. Joan’s love of animals and the outdoors started when she was a child running about in the foothills of the Bay Area. The family dogs were inseparable from the children. In the afternoon, away from Green Paws, you will find Joan doing pro-bono for NGO’s and searching for that “perfect job” back in the land of publishing.