Not all trips include stays at pet friendly hotels. When you have to travel, the best place for your dog is its own surroundings or with someone you and your pet already trust — your dog walker or pet care specialist.

Green Paws Chicago offers overnight pet care services to make your dog comfortable and protect your pet from the stress of boarding kennels and even kennel cough or canine influenza — dog sicknesses common at pet boarding facilities:

Dog Sitting

Dog sitting lets your pet stay in your home while you’re gone. One of our pet care specialists will spend the night in your home and allow your pet to do what’s natural: Hang out on the couch, sleep on your bed — whatever you permit. It’s the best option to ease any separation anxiety.

The 24-hour service starts at $80 (or less for our Membership clients) and provides four (4) twenty-five minute walks spaced throughout the day with feedings and medications as needed. We aim to keep as close to your pup’s regular routine as possible!

Pet Sitting Rates

24 Hour Sitting — $80/night ($70 for members, $60 for days included in your membership)

Holiday Sitting (Holiday Details) — $100 ($90 for members)

Additional Pets — $10 each

Contact us today to choose the right option for your pet.