Dog Walking or Doggy Daycare: What’s Best for Your Pup?

The Superior Choice for Your Dog: Personalized Care Over Doggy Daycare

For busy dog owners, the allure of doggy daycare might seem hard to resist. At first glance, it offers a hassle-free solution: your beloved pet gets picked up, enjoys a day filled with playful interaction, and then safely returns to you. This arrangement seems ideal for keeping your dog active and socially engaged. However, a deeper dive into the world of doggy daycare reveals several downsides, making the case for the superior alternative: dog walking.

Understanding Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare provides a space for dogs to stay, play, and interact with other canines under supervision while their owners are away. While these facilities vary in size and amenities, their common aim is to offer dogs a secure and entertaining environment. But is it the best option for your furry companion?

The Downsides of Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare comes with significant drawbacks that can affect your dog’s well-being:

  • Pack Dynamics: Dogs naturally adhere to a hierarchical structure, viewing their human as the leader. Doggy daycare can disrupt this order, leading to confusion and potentially undesirable behaviors at home.
  • Emotional Stress: The fluctuating nature of daycare can expose your dog to others with behavioral issues, raising the risk of aggression, territorial behavior, and emotional distress.
  • Costly Corrective Training: The negative experiences at daycare often necessitate expensive and time-consuming corrective training to address behavioral and psychological issues.
  • Communicable Illness Transmission: Facility-based environments often result in the transmission between canines of communicable illnesses and many dogs return from doggy daycare with respiratory and other illnesses contracted at the facility.

The Advantages of Dog Walking

In contrast, opting for a dog walker brings numerous benefits that prioritize the health and happiness of your dog:

  • Personalized Care: Dog walkers provide one-on-one attention, tailoring their care to meet your dog’s individual needs. This includes custom exercise routines and ensuring a safe and familiar environment.
  • Control and Quality Assurance: Hiring a dog walker gives you full control over your dog’s daily activities and environment. Selecting a reputable service means your dog is in safe, professional hands and receiving individual, not pack, walks..
  • Stability and Comfort: A consistent dog walker becomes a trusted part of your dog’s life and your dog’s pack, maintaining stability and comfort. Your home is your dog’s den. Your dog thrives in its familiar surroundings, away from the unpredictability of daycare settings.
  • Open Communication: Unlike the impersonal nature of daycare, dog walkers keep you informed about your dog’s day-to-day well-being through regular updates and communication, including a post-visit report with pictures that you receive immediately after each visit.

Final Thoughts

While doggy daycare might seem convenient or a cheaper option, the personalized care provided by a dog walker is unmatched in supporting your dog’s emotional and physical well-being. 100% W-2 based and fully licensed, bonded, and insured services like Green Paws go above and beyond to ensure each dog receives the high-quality attention and care they deserve. Dog walking is the clear choice for those committed to their dog’s health, happiness, and overall well being. Contact Green Paws today to discover the best care option for your furry family member in Chicago.

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