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Green Paws Chicago doesn’t believe in dog walks that amount to nothing more than “quick spins around the block.”  When you hire us, you are getting one of the most renowned Chicagoland dog walking enterprises in the industry.  We provide your pet with much needed dog walks when you can’t!  Regardless if you are a pet owner who has a health condition that prevents you from walking your dog like you used to do or if you are at work and can only walk your dog on the weekends, Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers are here to help!  We know the benefits of having a pet, and we don’t want anyone to give up their dog just because they can no longer walk him.  Green Paws Chicago makes sure you are able to continue to keep you dog because we will be there to provide all the dog walks your pet needs to maintain its health and well-being!  Your dog will be able to resume taking those pleasurable dog walks.  Green Paws Chicago goes far in preventing those over-the-top veterinarian bills that occur when an over-weight dog suffers from health conditions and illnesses brought on from lack of exercise.  Our dog walkers are available to assist dog owners in Wicker Park with their dog walking needs and they will be glad to add your pooch to the list!


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Wicker Park, Illinois is located northwest of the Loop and south of Buck Town.  Many of the wealthiest Northern European beer barons built large mansions in Wicker Park at the beginning of the 20th Century.  Recently, in September 2012, Forbes magazine crowned Wicker Park as the “Fourth Hippest Hipster Neighborhood” in the nation!   Many of these “hip” residents in Wicker Park have “hip” pooches!  All Wicker Park dog owners who have Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers, credit them for making their dogs the happiest canines in the neighborhood.   In addition to our dog walkers providing your pet with lots of affection and companionship, we also remain consistent with your training methods.  That way, we never send any confusing messages to your dog.  Also, when you have one of Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers exercise your pet; your dog will be less likely to have any accidents indoors.  Not to mention that chances of a relaxed and tired dog chewing or shredding any of your possessions after returning home from a vigorous 20 minute walk are slim to none.


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You will never catch Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers grouping your pet together with other’s pets since this could result in doggy disagreements and injured pets.  At Green Paws Chicago, our dog walkers only concentrate on your hound.  We also are known as dog walkers who spoil your dog with the finest care, love and respect.  Just like a babysitter for a child, most of our clients only have faith and confidence in the trustworthy dog walkers at Green Paws Chicago. Furthermore, you can count on our dog walkers to never being distracted by a cellphone or an iPod, because they will only be focused on your dog.  Once we return your dog-tired pooch home, our dog walkers will go about freshening up your pet’s water and food and dispensing any daily medication.  Then, we will collect your mail and newspapers and leave you a note about your dog’s daily dog walk.  To learn more about the outstanding and dependable dog walking services Green Paws Chicago provides, call us today.  We offer some great packages for affordable rates.


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