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Green Paws Chicago offers dog walkers for hire in Chicago neighborhoods.  We have dog walking services for pet owners who are unable to give their dogs the exercise to keep them healthy and happy.   Unlike many of our competitors, Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers provide dog walks one-household-at-a-time!  Only one in four dogs gets the exercise needed to maintain appropriate physical and mental health.  Boredom is not only hazardous to a dog’s health, but may also be hazardous to your home, too.  After, Green Paws Chicago’s dog walker returns your pooch happy and ready for a long snooze, you can rest assured that your dog won’t be misbehaving!  Trouble begins when you have a bored dog.  That’s when you’ll most likely find your favorite pair of shoes chewed to smithereens and the quilt Nana crocheted especially for you shredded!  Besides being a better behaved dog, your dog will be healthier with daily walks.  Just like humans, when dogs pack on the pounds they are more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes and joint problems.  Our neighbors in the Uptown neighborhood want the best dog walking services for their pet.  That’s why they have the professional dog walkers at Green Paws Chicago provide their dog with the daily exercise regimen they are unable to deliver themselves.


Uptown Dog Walk

Uptown, Illinois is a Chicago neighborhood located in Cook County.  Uptown is an ethnically diversified North Side lakefront neighborhood and is home to the historic Aragon Ballroom, Uptown Theater, the Riviera Theatre and the Green Mill Jazz Club.  It is reported that there are, in fact, 60 different languages spoken in Uptown.  There are considerable dog owners in the Uptown area.  However, many dog owners are either unable to regularly walk their dogs because they are too elderly or they have a disability. And, of course, there are always the dog owners who work during the week and are unable to walk their dogs until the weekend.  But, they are all well aware of the multiple advantages of having the capable, super dog-friendly dog walkers from Green Paws Chicago take their pooches for a well-earned dog walk in the neighborhood.  Our dog walkers are well-known for possessing the highest standard of care for your Uptown dog!  You will never catch our dog walkers talking or texting on their cellphones or listening to their iPods when they are being paid to walk your dog.


Uptown Dog Walks

Green Paws Chicago’s visits involve a 25 minute period of time.  That breaks down to a vigorous dog walk and five minutes to refill your dog’s food and water bowls, and, according to your instructions, administer any medication to your pet and collect your mail and leave you a note about your dog’s experience.  Also, in the event that your dog is crate trained, we will clean it, as well, before returning your pet to it.  Green Paws Chicago realizes that there are fewer activities that make a dog happier than the opportunity to go for a dog walk!  Not only does a dog walk provide your pet with the healthiest exercise and the prospect of socializing with other pets and people, but it also promotes the best mental stimulation all animals need and deserve.  For additional information about our affordable dog walk rates, call Green Paws Chicago today.  We have a number of service packages available, so contact us now and we will discuss your pet’s needs or schedule a meeting.


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