Did you know that bad oral hygiene can lead to costly vet bills and cut short your dog’s life? Eighty percent of dogs have dental problems that can lead to serious health risks like heart and kidney disease?

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can keep him out of the vet’s office, but it takes time, pets don’t necessarily cooperate and it’s messy.

Chew toys and crunchy pet treats are no substitute for a regular tooth brushing. But most owners put their pet’s oral hygiene off until they need to go to the vet for periodic teeth cleaning under general anesthesia, which is both needlessly risky and expensive.

The foundation for all good oral hygiene is making sure those teeth get brushed regularly to eliminate tartar buildup and remove plaque. Regular tooth brushing helps to prevent gingivitis in dogs (yes, they get it, too) and keeps teeth healthy, which makes for happier pets. Oh, and doggie kisses will be much more pleasant with fresh breath!

But the stakes are much higher. Studies show good oral hygiene can also extend pets’ lives.

Vets recommend that dogs get their teeth brushed daily—or at least several times a week. It requires special brushes designed for dogs and toothpaste manufactured specifically to meet the needs of pets.

Green Paws Chicago fills the gap between what you feel you can do and what your pet needs.

Our staff is trained to brush your dog’s teeth and we stock every flavor of doggie toothpaste—from beef and chicken to peanut. We can perform the cleanings as an addition to our daily walking service.

Tooth cleaning services start at $5.00. Let us help you identify the right package for your pet. Contact us now.

Tooth Talk: Listen to Steve Grzanich’s talk with Dr. Julia Georgesen about the importance of brushing your pet’s teeth.

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