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The dog visits for the Green Paws Chicago dog walkers are for 25 minutes – 20 minutes for a vigorous workout adventure for your pooch and five minutes back in your home to refresh your dog’s food and water, clean the dog crate, retrieve your mail and newspapers and, finally, to leave you a note about the dog walk.  In addition, our dog walkers will also administer any medication your dog takes at that time.  Ever since we opened our dog walking business, Green Paws Chicago has been providing dog walks for clients who aren’t able to walk their dogs.     Whether you are at work during the daytime or you have a health reason for not being able to walk your dog, Green Paws Chicago has the dog walking team who can help.  We don’t ever suggest that you give up the opportunity to own a dog just because you are unable to take him for walks.  The benefits of owning a dog are far too great to abandon.  This is where Green Paws Chicago enters the picture!  We will take over and do what you cannot.  Your dog will continue with those enjoyable dog walks, and will enjoy a higher quality of life because of it.   That’s why so many of the dog owners in River North call Green Paws Chicago when they are looking for the most responsible dog walkers available.


River North Dog Walk

River North, Illinois is located directly across the Chicago River from the Loop.  It is reported that more than 25,000 new residents have moved into the River North neighborhood within the last 12 years.  River North has some of the most significant structures and famous architecture in the Chicago area – the Wrigley Building, Trump International Hotel & Tower and Holy Name Cathedral.  River North is frequently described as one of Chicago’s classiest and most exciting places to live. Naturally, most of the residents are also proud dog owners.  Green Paws Chicago is the place they call when they need affordable and dependable dog walkers.  Further, we never walk your dog with the dogs of another family.  That’s because some dogs don’t do well with stranger dogs, and some dogs cannot be trusted not to bite or fight other people’s dogs.  The dog walk is for your dog’s benefit and enjoyment.  It is an opportunity for your dog to be spoiled and get the exercise and socialization you paid for.  And, you can rely upon our dog walkers to follow your approach in training and your specific instructions.


River North Dog Walks

When we bring your pet home after a terrific and lively stroll around River North, he will be ready to take a well-deserved snooze!  And, a relaxed and well-exercised dog is not about to start rebelling about being alone, because he will be sleeping and dreaming of all the interesting things and good smells he experienced on his walk.  Further, the chances of your pooch slipping up and piddling on the rug are decreased dramatically after Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers have exercised him on the dog walk.  Your dog is always the full focus of our attention and, as such, he will never have to compete with our dog walkers’ cellphones or iPods for attention! If you are searching for the most reliable and trustworthy dog walking business in the region, search no more!  Green Paws Chicago is the one you want!  To learn more about Green Paws Chicago’s dog walking experience, give us a call today.  We have a variety of packages available for reasonable prices. Undoubtedly, there will be one just for you!


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