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Green Paws Chicago is one of the leading dog walking businesses in Chicagoland.   We step up to the plate when owners are unable, for a variety of reasons, to take their pets for dog walks. Whether you are a senior citizen or physically incapable of going for a dog walk, or if your job prevents you from walking your dog throughout the week, Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers will come to your aid.  For many older Chicagoans, their pets are their one and only companions.  With Green Paws Chicago, they no longer have to contemplate giving up their dogs because they can no longer walk them.   We fill the void that has been left, and Green Paws Chicago makes sure your dog gets the healthy and beneficial dog walks needed to prevent those costly veterinarian bills that come as a result of an over-weight dog who may suffer from health-related illnesses like joint problems and diabetes.  Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers are happy to help so many great pet owners in Logan Square with our dog walking, and we can help you, too!


Logan Square Dog Walk

Logan Square, Illinois is one of the 77 city-designated community areas on the northwest side of Chicago.  Logan Square has a population of close to 74,000.  Furthermore, Logan Square is a very dog-friendly neighborhood community.  In addition to decreasing the number of visits to the veterinarian, dog walks will help eliminate those nasty doggy accidents at home!  Green Paws Chicago, unlike our rivals, has a practice of never walking dogs from more than one household at a time.  Your pet or pets are the only ones we are dog walking.  This avoids doggy disputes with stranger-dogs and the potential for ensuing injuries, and allows Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers to focus only on your pride and joy.  You can always depend upon our dog walkers to pamper your pooches with the love, care and respect they truly deserve.  Green Paws Chicago understands that Logan Square dog owners consider their dogs as part of the family.  That’s why your dog will never have to compete with a cell phone or iPod for the attention of one of our Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers.


Logan Square Dog Walks

Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers will return your dog home ready to take a long nap and relax after an enjoyable and lively 20 minute dog walk.  After refreshing your dog’s food and water bowls and administering any necessary meds, your dog will slip off into slumber-land to dream dog dreams while our dog walker gathers-up your mail and newspapers and writes you a note about your four-legged friend’s walk experience.  When you come home, you won’t have any unwelcome surprises from your pooch – like a puddle on the floor, or a gnawed chair leg or a shredded couch pillow.  That’s because a happy dog is a good dog!  Green Paws Chicago’s dog walkers have done their job and your dog is not about to misbehave!  When you are searching for the most dependable dog walkers, you don’t need to know any other name than Green Paws Chicago!   For the most reputable and affordable dog walking services, call us today and ask about our reasonable packages.


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