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Old Town, Chicago Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Live in or around the Old Town, Chicago area and need a dog walker, cat sitter, or dog sitter? Look no further than Greenpaws Chicago. Our dedicated team of Chicago dog walkers, cat sitters, and dog sitters are here for you and your furry friend. Book your next pet sitter or dog walker with Greenpaws today!

A Little About Old Town, Chicago

Old Town, Chicago, is a historic neighborhood and area in Lincoln Park, Chicago. Old Town is home to Victorian homes, charming architecture, and St. Michael’s Church.

With a rich history of hosting art fairs in the 1900s, Old Town got its colloquial name as a result of individuals who wanted to maintain and upkeep antiquated buildings.

Beyond that, Old Town was one of the first homes and residencies of emigrating Puerto Ricans in the 1950s, and still maintains a bustling and diverse community of residents today.

In present day, Old Town has maintained its heritage as an art fair epicenter by hosting the annual Old Town Art Fair, while the Old Town Triangle Art Center still stands today.

Reliable, Caring, and Professional Old Town, Chicago Cat Sitters, Dog Sitters, and Dog Walkers

Get on-demand Old Town dog sitters, cat sitters, or dog walkers with Greenpaws. Whether you’re in need of a one-time Chicago pet sitter or dog walker, a weekly dog walker for your busy schedule, or overnight stays with your furry friend while on a business trip, we’ve got you covered.

Want your dog or cat to look their best? With our supplemental teeth brushing, grooming, and ear cleaning services, your furry friend will look AND feel their best. Browse the Greenpaws team of Chicago dog walkers, cat sitters, and dog sitters today. 

At Greenpaws, we want to make sure you have the highest level of confidence and trust in our pet care services. That’s why each and every one of our team members are employees – not contractors – and rigorously vetted. Schedule a pre-meet and find a dedicated pet sitter or walker today!

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