A tick bite can lead to a deadly disease for your dog and untreated pets can infest your home and family with fleas and ticks. Did you know that flea and tick protection only works if you stick to a rigorous schedule?

What no one tells you is that flea and tick treatments must be applied on a strict 28-day schedule. Miss a day and you run the risk of exposing your pet and family to dangerous and annoying pests.

Fleas are a nuisance that can cause skin problems. Ticks can cause lyme disease that inflames joints and, left untreated, can cause kidney failure. And untreated dogs—or pets whose treatments have expired—can bring ticks and fleas into the home, making all the inhabitants tick targets!

No one can blame you for forgetting. Treatment packages are hard to open and messy to use. Green Paws Chicago fills the gap between what you remember to do and what best protects your home.

Our staff can apply flea and tick protection on schedule to make sure your pet stays healthy and happy—and out of the vet’s office.

Our staff use FrontlinePlus® and BioSPOT® products. Monthly flea and tick treatments begin at $25.00. Let us help you identify the right package for your pet. Contact us now.

Flea Talk: Listen to Steve Grzanich’s talk with Dr. Julia Georgesen about protecting your pets against the onslaught of fleas during Chicago’s warmer months.

Tick Talk: Listen to Steve Grzanich’s talk with Dr. Julia Georgesen about the perils of ticks in Chicago.