Enrichment Activities for Dogs

Are you looking to give your furry friend more than just a traditional dog walk? Has your dog been adversely impacted due to pandemic (COVID) shutdowns and a WFH or hybrid work schedule that’s led to increased dependency upon your presence and separation anxiety or other behavioral issues? Do they need more socialization activities during the week? At greenPAWSchicago, we offer a myriad of enrichment activity options for your dog to ensure they stay happy, healthy, and engaged.

Enrichment Activities

Our experienced, W2 based pet care specialists are trained and equipped to provide your dog with an array of enrichment activity options. Canine enrichment means engaging your dog in activities designed to stimulate their mind and to keep them physically fit at the same time. Specifically, we offer the following enrichment activity services:
  • 50-minute “adventure” or enrichment walks in-and-around nature.
  • Indoor and outdoor nosework
  • Treat puzzles and scent games
  • Slow nature walks for senior dogs
  • Puppy socialization walks or visits

What are Enrichment Walks, Anyway?

Enrichment walks are walks led by our pet care specialists that occur in nature. These walks are 50 minutes in duration and designed to engage your dog mentally and physically. 

At Green Paws Chicago, we allow each of our clients to provide their preferred route. Whether it’s in a park, on a trail, or elsewhere, our team is here to accommodate your needs. 

Keep in mind that enrichment walks involve more mental stimulation and, therefore, will tire your dog out more than walks alone.

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What are Enrichment Activities?

Enrichment activities for dogs are activities that typically revolve around smelling and sniffing. They are designed to provide your pup with mentally engaging tasks to focus their mind. At Greenpaws, a few of the ways we provide these enrichment activities is by giving your furry friend puzzle treat toys and doggy bubbles.

These toys are designed to test your dog’s sense of smell in a fun, challenging way that eventually leads to a treat reward. Whether you prefer for your pet care specialist to focus upon indoor or outdoor care or a combination of both, we will incorporate your preferred rotation of fun and entertaining treat toys into our enrichment visits.

Bubble play for dogs is a fan favorite among Green Paws pups. These bubbles are specifically designed for pups and come in an assortment of flavors. We like peanut butter best! Pups love jumping up, chasing, and pouncing on the bubbles, and it engages pups mentally and physically as giving them an opportunity to interact with their Pet Care Specialist in this fun activity. 

What is Puppy Socialization?

We get it: having a new puppy is joyous, but it can also be stressful. Puppies have limitless energy, are not yet trained, and do not yet understand leashwork. 

Puppy socialization is the process of exposing your little furbaby to new sights, smells, and experiences to ensure they feel comfortable in a multitude of situations.

At Greenpaws, in addition to twice daily, 15-minute puppy visits, for pre-vaccinated puppies, our team also offers indoor-only puppy socialization activities such as:

  • Indoor leash-manners exercises
  • Indoor puppy playtime activities
  • Nosework through fun and easy-to-play treat puzzles
  • Activities focused on reducing separation anxiety
  • Human and dog socialization 

Whether you’re working with a trainer or canine behaviorist or reaching out to us on your own, our socialization visits may be scheduled with you at home or away based upon your goals and objectives.

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