Ear Cleaning

Have you ever tried to clean a squirming pet’s ears? It isn’t easy, but ear infections are the leading cause of expensive vet visits—and a leading cause of pain in a pet.

You can clean your pet’s ears, but it can be challenging and messy. Most pets don’t normally cooperate. You need to know what you’re doing. And it takes a little time.

Green Paws Chicago fills the gap between what you feel you can do and what your pet needs.

Most ear infections can be prevented with weekly cleanings. Our staff is trained to do them gently but effectively to make sure ear infections don’t develop to make your poor dog miserable—and to help avoid expensive vet bills.

We hand—clean their ears using sterile gauze and Pro-Sense ear cleanser, specifically formulated for your pet. To protect your pet, we never use cotton swabs. We typically clean a dog’s ears after a routine walk, extending our pet visit to provide the additional service.

Ear cleaning services start at $10.00. Let us help you identify the right package for your pet. Contact us now.

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