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Discounted Dog Walking Membership Plans

Our Pet Care Membership Plans don’t come with a red carpet, but they probably should.

When you choose a Membership Plan, your pet receives a guaranteed, prime time slot for its walk or visit — and that guaranteed walk or visit will always be with your pet’s dedicated primary or secondary pet care specialist.  Our members receive all of our services a significantly lower rate than clients who select dog walking or other services like overnight care, ear cleaning, de-shedding, tooth brushing or flea/tick prevention on an a la carte basis, and are given the opportunity to book overnight pet sitting or boarding services more than 30 days in advance and receive priority for those reservations. Don't worry there's no long-term commitment.  Memberships are month-to-month and you can cancel before the start of any month.  Green Paws Chicago offers two customizable Membership Plans ― the TotalCare All-Inclusive Plan and the SteadyCare Plan ― because every pet and owner has unique needs.  The SteadyCare5 dog walking plan includes 25 minute visits every weekday for $325/month . There are 3 or 4 day per week programs, and a Puppy Walking Program, too!  The TotalCare5 All-Inclusive Pet Care plan includes 25 minute visits every weekday PLUS teeth brushing, ear cleaning, de-shedding and flea/tick treatment for $470/month for dogs who shed, $420/month for those who don’t. Contact us to discuss how a Membership Plan can save you money and time.

We know Pet Care Membership is a new and unique concept. Here are answers to the most common questions. If your question isn’t answered below, please just ask!

Q: What’s the difference between the TotalCare All-Inclusive Plan and the SteadyCare Plan? A:  Both plans offer predictable, discounted and easy to budget monthly pricing for customers who use us at least 3 times per week.  The difference is in what’s included and how big the discounts are. TotalCare provides our biggest discounts for clients who allow us to provide our full range of services for the furry members of their family including walks, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, flea/tick management and if your dog has an undercoat, de-shedding services. SteadyCare plans include dog walking, and you can add teeth brushing, ear cleaning, flea/tick management and de-shedding services to create the custom pet-care plan that best suits your pet’s needs and your budget.   Q:  How long is a membership contract?  What if I want to cancel? A:  There is no contract, and you can cancel at any time.  Just let us know prior to the start of any month and we will cancel your membership starting with that month.   Q:  What if I don’t want services once in a while?  Am I stuck with them since my membership is for the whole month? A:  We all take a day off from work sometimes, and most of us get to take vacations too.  Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.  Tell us about your vacations before the start of any month, and we will pro-rate your membership for that month so you only pay for the days you’re around.  And if you have to cancel services here and there, you can do it up to 3 days per month without penalty – we will credit those days towards your next month’s membership bill.  All we ask is that you let us know before 4pm the day before the service is scheduled so we can let someone else have your time slot.   Q:  How do you handle holidays? Are they included in my membership? A:  We are happy to provide care for your furry friends on holidays! While walks on the six major holidays are not included in your membership, you just have to ask and we will add a holiday walk to your schedule. You can see more details about how holidays work here.   Q:  There are a different number of weekdays each month – will my bill go up and down? A:  Your bill will be the same every month, so there are no surprises.  We base our weekday programs on 254 days per year (52 weeks times 5 days, less the 6 major holidays).  We base our 3, 4, 6 and 7-day programs on 4.333 weeks per month.   Q:  How are memberships billed?  What about other services I use? A:  Memberships are billed each month at the beginning of the month.  You will get a statement from us on the 1st day of every month that includes that month’s membership plan and the prior month’s CareOnCall a’ la carte services, and you will be charged automatically a day or so later.   Q: What if I have unexpected overnight travel or need additional services? A:  All clients using a Membership Plan receive priority scheduling for services including holiday overnights and a discount on any CareOnCall a’ la carte service like pet sitting or additional walks..   If you have more questions about memberships or would like a custom quote on a membership for your family, please contact us today!
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