De-Shedding Services

Does your daily routine include vacuuming dog fur from floors, rugs and couches? Dogs shed excess fur that makes them uncomfortable. Do you have a spare hour or more each week to de-shed them?

It’s time consuming to de-shed a dog. And, after an hour, you’re sitting next to a huge pile of fur.

Green Paws Chicago fills the gap between what you’ve got time to do and what your pet needs. We can help you keep your dog or cat cooler and more comfortable while helping you cut down on your trips to the laundry to wash fur off blankets, pillowcases and your expensive slacks. And you’ll enjoy playing with your pets more knowing that playtime won’t lead to another 10 minutes with the lint roller. (PS: Your guests will thank you too!)

Our de-shedding services use grooming tools that are uniquely effective and comfortable for your pet. Weekly grooming will help to reduce a pet’s shedding by as much as 90 percent and save you hours of brushing and cleaning every week. Our de-shedding service takes up to an hour a week. But having us do it means you can focus on the companionship that brought your pet home in the first place.

Our de-shedding service start at $20.00 and can easily be done following a regular visit or walk.

De-shedding services are also available for cats and other furry pets. Cat fur is a particular problem since cats get into everything—and so does their hair. Our staff can help you fight the fur battle and help cut down on the hairballs.

Let us help you provide the right care for your pet. Contact us now.

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